UTA Super Ⅲ Reinforced Tactical Protective Plates – BK


2 Pcs × Tactical Protective Plates


Made of super high performance composite material, the shield is as weight as the half other sheilds under the equivalent protective level. With special processing technology, the bulletproof shield features stability, incredible consistency, high strength, lightweight, repeating resistance, small pits and stunning bulletproof performance and is capable of withstanding multiple hits without second ricochet injury.

Equipped with practical new patent and ergonomic multi curved surface and concave arc design on the shoulders with adjustable angle, the tactical shield offers a comfortable and fitting wear experience. Suitable for pistol shooting stance, long gun shoulder stance and prone shooting stance with angle support and other tactical stances.

♦Bulletproof Level&Shooting Distance:

7.62x63mm AP bullet(M2 Machine Gun), 15m;

7.62x51mm NATO bullet(M-14),15m; 7.62x39mm MSC/API bullet(AK-47), 15m;

5.56x45mm M193/SS109/M855 bullet(M-16), 15m;

Various pistol cartridges and explosion fragments, 2m.



  • Material: Super High Performance Bulletproof Material
  • Protection Level: GA-5
  • Standard: 《GA141-2010》
  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 1.2cm
  • Product Weight: 1800g
  • Package Dimensions: 33 x 28 x 12cm
  • Package Weight: 2300g
  • Packing: Bublle Box


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