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Workerkit FDK22 Ratel Tactical GA2 Level Bulletproof Lightweight Helmet

Features: The helmet is designed with tank cut surface, adopting the equivalence principle of armor that increases the equivalent thickness

Workerkit MASKA-SCH Helmet Metal Full Face Helmet



In the 1990s, “Maska-1” helmets started to be used by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs Special forces and other units. This helmet is a replica of “Maska”, and has a weight close to the real prototype. It looks similar to the helmet worn by Killa — a boss from the “Escape From Tarkov” video game. The helmet has a steel visor and original suspension system.

Workerkit NVG Metal Mount Adapter with J Arm for AN/PVS PVS-14

Features: 100% brand new with high quality Using all metals as materials, the products have good seismic strength and mechanical
Workerkit-WST-FAST-Round-Hole-Helmet-Grey Grey
Workerkit-WST-FAST-Round-Hole-Helmet-Tan Tan
Workerkit-WST-FAST-Round-Hole-Helmet-FG FG

Workerkit WST FAST Round Hole Helmet

1 x Helmet 1Set x Memory Foam Soft Pad(9Pcs) 1 x Hook & Loop 1 x Multifunction Converter 1 x Picatinny Adapter 1 x Multi-function Equipment Transfer Base 2 x Night Vision Device Rotating Clip (36mm) 1 x Night Vision Device Rotating Clip (19mm) 2 x Night Vision Rail Converter 1 x Wing-Loc Adapter