1. If my password forgot how to deal with it?

Send an Email to: service@workerkit.com with the same Email as workerkit account.
Our staff will reset your password as soon as possible.


2. How to cancel my order?

You can cancel your order only when your order has not been shipped. Please contact us service@workerkit.com , we will cancel your order and give you a full refund.


3. What should I do if an item is missing from my order?
1st, please log in your workerkit account to see if your order has been in the status of "partial shipment"

2nd, please contact us at: service@workerkit.com


4. What is my order status? And how long will it take to process my order?

Once an order request has been received by us, you will receive periodic e-mails from us regarding the processing of your order. Within 24 hours of your order being shipped, you will receive an e-mail that contains the carrier tracking number (when available) for your order.

You can obtain your order status directly at the Workerkit Account Manager with your order number (or transaction ID) and e-mail address.

Your order goes through several steps before reaching your door. Here are those steps:

Step 1 (1-5 business days): Products are collected from our suppliers.
Step 2 (1-2 days): Order waits to get packaged.
Step 3 (1 day): Order is packaged and shipped* to the carrier (e.g. Hong Kong Post, EMS, UPS, etc).
Step 4 (3-14 days): Order is en route via EMS or Hong Kong Post.
Estimated Delivery Time:
Airmail: 10 to 21 days.
EMS: 7 to 14 days.

*Tracking Note: Live tracking is only available after the carriers have a chance to initially scan the package. Between the time the item leaves DX and the time it is scanned, tracking numbers may not show any results. For Express packages (sent via EMS/UPS), the delay is about 24 to 48 hours. For Airmail and Registered Airmail packages, it takes 3 to 5 working days for postal tracking to show online.