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Workerkit WST Middle Ages Iron Warrior Tactical Helmet

Based on the medieval knight helmet, combined with modern military helmet model, with helmet shroud and side rails, the unique knight tactical helmet is designed. Each texture of the surface is carefully carved and beautifully detailed.

The overall helmet is modular, with PC lenses and stencil lenses, allowing players to freely disassemble and combine.

UTA Lightweight Level 3 Reinforced Tactical Protective Plates (2PCS/BK)

Equipped with practical new patent and ergonomic multi curved surface and concave arc design on the shoulders with adjustable angle, the tactical shield offers a comfortable and fitting wearing experience. Suitable for pistol shooting stance, rifle shoulder stance and prone shooting stance with angle support and other tactical stances.

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UTA Tactical Plate Carrier F-Rhino Full Protection Body Armor

  • -Cover the most vital areas of your body and gain the upper hand over any enemy.
  • -With a 520% increase to the protection area, the system allows for ideal comfort and agility while weighing only a single steel plate.
  • -The set of 8 modules can be attached to any vest and customized in any combination – used all together or separately.
Workerkit Blog-Have You Chosen The Right Combat Uniform?

Workerkit – 適切な戦闘服を選択しましたか?

Workerkit – Have You Chosen The Right Combat Uniform? 戦闘服は、軍人が戦闘および戦術操作において保護と利便性を提供するために特別に設計された衣服です。 戦闘服の歴史は古代にまでさかのぼることができますが、現代の戦闘服は主に20世紀に開発されました. Combat uniforms are garments specially designed for military personnel

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