UTA X-willdbee Lightweight Plate Carrier & Esstac KYWI Mag Pouch

May 7, 2021
My first laser cut vest ever. My style was molle palls system always and forever. After laser cut such this vest is, I have to add this vest to my collection and present you something I have personally tried, saw, experienced.

Shape & size

This vest looks like some smaller plates vests, fits standard SAPI plates, but less bulky vest definetly. JPC 2.0, Ferro Slickster alike but with its own features. When it comes to sizing, I find it very comfortable and lighweight vest. Not bothers when prone, run or any fast action needed. Like you carry some lighweight chest rig but no, it is real, hard duty plate carrier. Movements in every directions are not limited at all. Used it with PRC 148 radio, from both sides with one extra magazine AR15, triple magazine up front. No problems what so ever even in tight halls, alleys or trenches.

Fabric & durability

After tried it in this various enviroments, at the end of the day, need to check it out. Only wiped dirt and dust, mud and here we go. Cordura 500D did great job! Multicam ® fabric on my vest looks like brand new. Worth to mention, fire retardant and puncture and cut resistant. No scratches, no any harm at all! Even laser cut velcro just stayed intacted. Wisely cut with panels, short velcro fabric made this perfect solution for both panels on front and back. No worries if you make it look bad after hittibg up the field on some bad weather. Just wipe it off and vest is next mission ready! Laser cut holds up 10kg without any problems on the back and STANAG style magazines on front and side. Inside the vest, I found out something useful as well. Mesh panells! Thats air vent panel actually and did the job perfectly! No direct contact with fabric amd plates so no wet plates anymore! Shoulder straps are comfortable and padded, with one magnetic buckle on top and fast buckles on side cummerbund. Nice touch to it and fast to take it on and off! Great job UTA! 

Pouches and compatibility

Yes, this vest takes all kind of magazines. AR15 STANAG, PMAG type, Plum AK style. All fits amazing and secured with elastic cord on top. On the bottom of each pocket on this triple magazine pouch, you can find opened bottom with elastic strap. That is a game changer for all kind of magazines and extra depth for longer mags. The same pockets are on side cummerbund, which I used for magazines and radio as well. Still holds big chunk of aluminium (PRC148) and STANAG style magazines. 

Kiwy pouches 

Long time ago I have seen this one on some special forces units operators and felt in love immediatelly. Workerkit provided me two pistol mags and one single AR mag pouch (thankful for that one guys and girls). Kydex inserts works great job, perfect retention and most important you can re-index your magazines without any problems at all! Slips inside, slips outside easily, but, can't fall out anyhow. Cordura fabric on Multicam ® pattern looks perfect and that is my first line choice definetly! 


With my style of play, as assault rifleman, this suits my needs perfectly! Field tested fabrics shown some serious improvements in this segment and for sure this Wildbee will last long long time! Fast draw, no problem, fast deploy, hell yeah, this one is fast to get on when mission calls! So, no matter what you do and what your proffesion is, this vest can do great job for anyone who needs mil-spec fabric, amazing craftmanship and all with great price! Note this fact, this is real steel item. Airsoft, police and law enviroment, special units, you will love this Bee believe me on that one! 

Great job UTA, can't wait for some another review and field test. Cheers! 

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