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UTA F-panther Gen 1 Tactical Plate Carrier

UTA F-panther Gen 1 Tactical Plate Carrier

¥ 13,204

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  • UTA F-panther Gen 1 Tactical Plate Carrier 

    Product Details:

    1. Product selling points and features: soft and hard double warehouse quick response. The internal double-chamber design can place standard 30*25cm hard bulletproof boards and customized soft double-proof/stab-proof chips.
    2.500D high-strength nylon, wear-resistant and tear-resistant.
    3. The laser cutting MOLLE system is lightweight and modular.
    4. Military quick-fit buckles on both sides of the waist, fast on and off, and one-handed control.
    5. Towing the handle for the back rescue, which is convenient for teammates to free their hands when rescuing after being injured and falling to the ground.
    6. Adjustable waist, suitable for most conventional body types.
    7. Standard triple universal rifle/pistol cartridge jacket.
    8. Size: free size (chest circumference/belly circumference <120cm); Big body length 35cm*width 30cm; protection area: 0.3 square meters.

    Material: 500D high-strength nylon

    Packing Method: non-woven bag

    Packing List: 

    .1 x Plate Carrier

    .1 x Triple Mag Pouch