Tactical Mandalorian Armor Gears

Mar 11, 2021

        Boba Fett is a fictional character in the Srat Wars  franchise created by George Lucas. He is an armored Mandalorian bounty hunter.

       His helmet and armor are in premium shape. include a helmet complete with T-shaped visor, chest and shoulder armor, along with gauntlets to finish the ensemble. 

There are some pictures of his features

For Tactical gears in Airsoft, workerkit have tactical mask and helmet for srar wars' fans to cosplay this suit. 

Let me check:

1.TNG Galac Tac FAST Tactical Helmet Protective Mask

.It can fit your half-cover fast helmet to modify, when you play airsoft or join some cosplay activity, this would be a good choice.

.The lens can be replaced,it no function of anti-fog, so cold weather not advise use it.


.Color: Black, Tan
.Material: ABS
Price: $65.99

check it in this link :https://workerkit.com/TNG-Galac-Tac-FAST-Tactical-Helmet-Protective-Mask-Replica-p1590463.html

2.WST Tactical Adjustable Armor Set

.The armor is made of PC material, which is sturdy and not easy to wear, and it is explosion-proof.

.Ergonomic design, fits comfortably at all joints, shoulder straps, shoulder pads, etc. can be adjusted for flexible movement.

.Color: Grey, Black, Tan, MC.

Weight: 2500g

.Material: PC

.Product Size:Fit Height 165~190cm

Price $109.99

Check it here: https://workerkit.com/WST-Tactical-Adjustable-Armor-Set-for-Nerf-Gel-Ball-p1173423.html

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