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T238 V2 Gel Ball Soft Dart Tactical Grenade Toys for Nerf

T238 V2 Gel Ball Soft Dart Tactical Grenade Toys for Nerf

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  • Features:
    .High-quality material: The shell is made of ABS and PC mixed material, and the thickness is increased, making the product not easy to be damaged in wargame.
    .High-elastic hardening spring: it could enable the loaded filler to be vigorously ejected. The materials used are all environmentally friendly materials and will not cause harm to the human body and the environment;
    .Convolution pop-up design: Based on the first generation, the internal ejection is changed to a rotary pop-up, which can be scattered in all directions and shot more evenly
    .With a time-delayed explosion design, it can control the toy to explode in a few seconds without exploding at the moment of collision, increasing playability; With a wider range of scenes and safer to use, could roll out toward the floor and roll for a few seconds before exploding. The delay time of the second-generation grenade can be controlled by adjusting the tightness of the screws. The tighter the screws are, the longer the delay time will be. The delay time ranges from 1 second to 20 seconds
    .Rich tactics: Add different props in various wargames to meet the player's tactical needs and improve the playability of wargame, instead of just shooting;
    .The pop-up range is around 5M; the range of the maximum combat diameter;
    .Filling method: can be loaded into BBs, gel balls, nerf darts, nerf rival balls, etc.
    .High load capacity: can hold 250+ pcs 7mm diameter gel balls or at least 15pcs nerf rival balls or 300 bbs;
    .Note: The color of mass production is different from the color of the picture, the theme color is yellow and grey
    .Color: Grey + Yellow
    .Material: ABS + PC
    .Product Weight: 500g
    .Package Dimensions: 25*25*10cm
    .Package Weight: 600g
    .Packing: Carton Box
    Package Content:
    .1 x Grenade