Review: Workerkit 6x6 Side Armor Carrier Set (Crye Style)

May 19, 2021
1.0 Introduction 
For my TMC 3219 Plate Carrier witch i reviewed earlier here.
made already my set of ESAPI training plates in real weight and finish 

I also made a set of E-SBI (Enhanced Side Ballistic Insert), these serve to protect the vital organs from side impact, and should be carried in a dedicated Side Plate Pouch, for for my TMC 3219 I wanted a so-called Crye (Repro) 6X6 Side Plate Pouch Set.

esapi collage 3.jpg (4.48MiB)

These Side Plates Pouches show up either sporadically in “the wild”, which does not surprise me because it is again extra bulk, and again an extra 1.5 kg in weight,
I think these side plates are only worn when the risk is really justifies the extra discomfort ?

6x6 collage.png (3.46MiB)

2.0 The 6X6 Side Armor Set
Made and provided to me by Workerkit (Ali Express) this Side Plate Pouch Set is nicely finished, with all the details of the Crye original
  • The 3x4 Molle Zone
  • The 3 loops for the AVS Harness Arms
  • The transit for the Single Strap, or 2-strap Cummerbund wearing method.
  • And comes with foam, dummy plates
View my full Side Pouch (Foam Plates) Gallery here.

With the flap open

The attachment loops, and strap transit
collage1.jpg (2.21MiB)

The actual Plate Pocket, and Foam Plates
collage3.jpg (2.32MiB)

The first action I took, was to see if my Custom E-SBI plates actually would fit.
Quite exciting again since these were made full-size, and so far I had only heard of repro pouches, being to narrow for training plates ?
 but luck was on my side,  my plates fit perfectly in these Workerkit Pouches.

With the thicker plates, the Side Pouches are even formed a bit better, I think.

View my full Side Plate Pouch (E-SBI Plates) Gallery here
collage4.jpg (2.8MiB)
collage5.jpg (4.09MiB)
collage6.jpg (2.79MiB)

The Side Plate Pouches can be worn in several ways, as you can see on the reference picture at the beginning of this chapter, and also, if you look at theCrye Manual, I tried some set-ups, not all of them were comfortable , comfortable in this is a relative concept anyway, but in this way (as high as possible) they appear to be the least bothering with the ribs, in my case.

6x6 Side Plate Pouch Carrying options Gallery icm with my TMC 3219 AVS, and 3-strap Cummerbunds

The Plate pouches along the outside of the Harness arms are the best wearing method for me
collage7.jpg (3.13MiB)
collage8.jpg (4.81MiB)

The Plate Pouches along the inside of the Harness arms are very uncomfortable in my case
collage9.jpg (4.17MiB)

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