Nylon vs CORDURA Fabric

Aug 18, 2020

1. What is Cordura®?

CORDURA is referred to a fabric produced & certified by INVISTA.Cordura fabrics have a variety of structures, weights and aesthetics, including fabrics specifically designed for tear resistance and color retention. There is also a bottom layer containing a mixture of Invista420Nylon66 fiber and cotton. Denim and canvas fabrics are called Cordura Baselayer, Cordura Denim and Cordura Duck respectively. Some cordura fabrics are specifically designed for military and outdoor extended use. Cordura fabric has a long military history (more than 45 years), and many American military fabric specifications are based on the cordura brand specifications.

Cordura provides durability and ruggedness for equipment exposed to extreme conditions, and
Resistant to cuts, tears and abrasions. The fabric below has been tested with a modified Wyzenbeek abrasion resistance test.

2.What is Nylon?

Nylon is the earliest synthetic fiber variety in the world. Due to its excellent performance and abundant raw material resources, it has been widely used. Although the term nylon is very popular, it has never been used as a trademark or protected by a trademark.Nylon has strong strength and good wear resistance, ranking first among all fibers. Its abrasion resistance is 10 times that of cotton fiber, 10 times that of dry viscose fiber, and 140 times that of wet fiber. Therefore, its durability is excellent. Nylon fabric has excellent elasticity and elastic recovery, but it is easy to deform under a small external force, so its fabric is easy to wrinkle during wearing. Poor ventilation and easy to generate static electricity.
The hygroscopicity of nylon fabric is a better variety among synthetic fiber fabrics, so clothes made of nylon are more comfortable to wear than polyester garments. It has good resistance to moth and corrosion. The heat and light resistance is not good enough, the ironing temperature should be controlled below 140 ℃. Pay attention to the washing and maintenance conditions during wearing and use, so as not to damage the fabric.
Nylon fabric is a light fabric, which is only listed after polypropylene and acrylic fabrics in synthetic fiber fabrics. Therefore, it is suitable for making mountaineering clothes and winter clothing.
3. The difference between Cordura &Nylon.

In the case of the same weight, cordura fabric is twice that of standard nylon, three times that of polyester, and 10 times that of cotton canvas. This means that the lighter cordura can provide the same durability as the heavier standard nylon, polyester or cotton canvas. Especially the durability of cordura fabric is more reflected in the tear resistance and abrasion resistance.

4.What difference between 1000D &500D?

1000D and 500D are fabric density. The higher the density, the higher the durability, but at the same time the comfort will be reduced. Also it will attrit cloth.  A few years ago, when the U.S. military began to change into combat vests, a new concept was proposed, namely "lightweight". The famous tactical vest JPC was created at this time. So in the markert, most top of vest will use 500D fabric, not 1000D.

5.Zipper, Hardware, Velcro.

Nowadays, the larger brands of magic stiker all use Velcro, which can be torn up 100,000 times.

There are generally two brands of hardware and fasteners, one is UTX and the other is ITW.They are famous American brands.

Zipper is YKK.

6.About Multicam.

The particularity of MC fabrics and accessories makes it difficult to purchase and expensive. The MC materials in the hands of many tactical equipment vendors are almost exhausted

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