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EIB Earmor M32H Tactical Pickup Noise Reduction Headset

EIB Earmor M32H Tactical Pickup Noise Reduction Headset

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EIB Earmor M32H Tactical Pickup Noise Reduction Headset
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  • EIB Earmor Tactical Hunting Headset M32H Pickup Noise Reduction Headphone Tactical Headset for Outdoor Shooting


    .EIB is the brand name-Evolution In Battle.
    .Fast-response peak-shaving and noise-reduction working mechanism; standby for 4 hours and automatically shut down to save power; the volume exceeds 82 decibels and automatically reduce to a safe volume; 2Pcs AAA batteries for high endurance power supply; close to face sealing ear pads; waterproof grade IPX5; highly restored and optimized Processing vocal language
    .M32H is a professional helmet version based on M32. It can be installed on most types of helmet rails with different rail kits. Comes with Nexus TP-120 for PTT. U-174 military connector (NATO standard), and humanized bilateral detachable microphone
    .Note: Optional helmet track kit, please indicate the helmet type or track kit model in the order: M11: Ops-Core's FASTARC track; M12: TEAM Wendy's EXFIL T-Slot track; M13: MTEK's M-lok track
    .M32H electronic noise reduction communication earmuffs can enhance subtle environmental sound sources, track human voices and highly restore and optimize them, and can block dangerous noises higher than 82 decibels, which not only protects hearing, improves the clarity of dialogue, and improves the alertness of the surrounding environment Sex. Built-in EMI filtering system can effectively filter electromagnetic interference generated by other electronic equipment
    .External communication detachable microphone: The friendly detachable microphone design makes it easy for left and right handers to use, and the windproof design allows users to communicate freely in windy environments. The microphone positioning slot allows you to adjust the microphone to the best position from multiple angles
    .EM/RF interference shielding: The electromagnetic waves that cause interference to the equipment in the environment are also called electromagnetic noise. The built-in EMI filtering system of M32H can effectively suppress electromagnetic noise (electromagnetic waves) generated by other equipment in the environment, ensuring that M32H can operate normally under any circumstances
    .Dynamic voice tracking technology: Improve the recognition of the voice in the environment, and process the human voice dialogue in the noisy environment, making the voice clear and recognizable even in the complex noisy environment
    .M32H has a 3 times adjustable sound effect gain function to enhance hearing, turn on the volume amplification and compensation level, tap the "+" and "-" function keys to switch between the three levels of high, middle and low to select the appropriate volume level
    .High resistance and impact resistance: The streamlined integrated shell is made of high-temperature and impact-resistant materials. The integrated process structure effectively prevents water splashing, dust and other foreign objects from invading the inside of the body (IPX5), allowing users to rest assured that there is no worries about use, and further ensure Stability and long life of the headset when working
    .Product features: a. Noise reduction value + NRR22; b. The volume exceeds 82dB and automatically reduces to a safe volume; c. With 3 levels of adjustable sound gain function to enhance hearing; d. EMI filtering system, effectively suppressing interference caused by external electromagnetic signals , So that the communication is unimpeded; e. Vocal tracking system, highly restored and optimized processing of vocal voices to bring high-definition voice experience; f. To prevent accidental touch, press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on/off; g. Integrated inversion The 3mm thick high-strength PC shell is light and drop resistant; h. Uses two 1.5V AAA batteries for power supply, with a standby time of up to 350 hours; i. Power saving design, automatically turns off the power after 4 hours of standby without operation; j. Knob battery cover design, convenient and quick to change the battery; k. Humanized design, two-way detachable windproof and noise-reducing intercom microphone, suitable for left and right hand use habits; l. Built-in Nexus TP-120 U-174 military-standard connector (NATO Standard), compatible with NATO military regulations PTT; m. Sealing ear pads close to the face, comfortable, leak-proof, and effective anti-sweat; n. Foldable and portable design (folded: length 100 mm; width 75 mm; height 120 mm), Storage is easier; o. Earphones comply with CE/ROSH/ANSI S3.19-1974/EN352-1: 2002/EN352-4: 2001/A1: 2005/EN352-5: 2002/A1: 2005/EN352-6: 2002 /FCC certification
    .Product specifications: a. Speaker: size diameter: 30mm; impedance: 32 ohms; rated power: 0.3W; frequency response characteristics: full frequency band; b. pickup microphone: sensitivity: 56dB; active limit decibel: 82dB; noise reduction decibel: 22dB; power supply: 2Pcs AAA dry battery power supply; working voltage: 2.8-3.3V; type: omnidirectional; c. wire: diameter: 4.5mm; temperature resistance: -40℃-105℃


    .Color: Grey/Tan/Green/Coyote Brown/Pink/Black
    .Material: Plastic
    .Product Weight: 380g
    .Package Dimensions: 14 x 11cm
    .Package Weight: 458g
    .Packing: Carton Box

    Package Content:

    .1 x Headset