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  • 15 Days Ago
    The quality of the fabric is great, and the speed of magnetic buckle quick release is better than that of cobra buckle and fs quick release. The capacity can be filled with an ipadmini without any problem. As an edc backpack and a backpack for riding a motorcycle, it is completely sufficient. The front laser-cut panel can provide more space for expansion. Remove the two zippered storage spaces on the panel to put away the wallet/driver's license and other readily accessible items, as well as stick some irritating Velcro. The fly in the ointment is that it is a bit laborious to install the side buckle... The manual recommends providing the corresponding buckle version.
  • 15 Days Ago
    The daily commute with shoulders is just right, it does not take up space, and there is enough space! Wait for the zippers and handles to arrive before further decoration! Very good package!
  • 15 Days Ago
    The space is large enough, and the compartments and small pockets are also sufficient. Daily edc is ok to fill a bottle of water, an umbrella, and a thin coat. It is very convenient to turn into a belly pocket.
  • 15 Days Ago
    Contrasting gray, super durable, support the original tactical studio, look forward to more accessories in the future
  • 15 Days Ago
    Carry a variety of forms. The fabric is crisp and the workmanship is perfect. The business service attitude is very good!
  • 15 Days Ago
    The quality is very good and the texture is very good. I bought the tactical bag for the first time and I was very satisfied. The disadvantage is that the shoulder straps are a bit hard
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