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Krydex MK3 Modular Tactical Chest Rig
Krydex MK3 Modular Tactical Chest Rig


US$ 86.99
Reviews (9)
  • 15 Days Ago
    Firstly let me just say that I am not an airsofter. I am active duty military and intend on using this product for the real deal. I want to preface with that because I am hesitant buying gear that people say is made strictly for airsofters.

    Anyhow, I bought this rig specifically for the plaquard itself to put on my jpc 1.0. The reason I chose Krydex was because all the name brands (SS, Mayflower, HS ect.) are out of stock currently, unless you want to pay double or triple what they’re worth on EBay, and I’m not about to do that. The package came in time and had everything in it as advertised.

    One thing I will say I was disappointed with, is that the buckles are not detachable like they are on a lot of the name brands. This means that in order to put the clips on my jpc, I had to cut the sewn mollie, thread the buckles, and resew the mollie..a bit of an ass pain. I also do not believe that the buckles are compatible with the name brands, so if I decided to transfer over one day, which I intend to, I’ll have to either cut the mollie again, or break the buckle.

    Something else I wish the rig came with was a full flap for the front pocket of the plaquard. It only has a half flap. Not a huge deal, but again I was a little disappointed. Lastly, the magazine inserts barely fit inside the rig. They seem to be just ever so slightly too big, but, it works, and as another poster had said, I believe with time they will break in.

    With all of that being said, the price was right, and I am incredibly pleased with my purchase. I would recommend. It seems durable, has been very functional, and looks great.
  • 15 Days Ago
    Excellent quality. Arrived on time. Recommend the seller.
  • 15 Days Ago
    Like honestly, the material they used is a very smooth finish which makes it smooth to touch easy for sling transition overall the mag pouches are a bit tight atm, but once broken/worn in it should be fine, a very fine and functional chest rig would recommended
  • 15 Days Ago
    Exelente producto! muy buena calidad y terminaciones. El multicam esta muy bien; es más claro que la foto de la publicación. El vendedor es exelente. Siempre respondió mis mensajes, despacho en termino y se contacto conmigo varias veces para asegurarse que recibiera el envío. 100% recomendable
  • 15 Days Ago
    buena calidad, muchos mods puestos de velcro, el color correcto y el envio rapidisimo.
  • 15 Days Ago
    Problem with the shipping carrier lost in the process (it happen) in the quarantine time. But good communication with Krydex always answer to question for update on the situation. Good respnse of workerkit to. I re-order the rig when they have re-stock.
  • 15 Days Ago
    I’m pleasantly surprised with the quality of this chest rig. It is a clone of the Spiritus Micro Fight but it seems to be one of the better repros for sure. PTS EPM magazines fit snugly into the m4 magazine inserts, and my TM MP7 mags fit very snugly into the Viper VX Quad SMG pouch I have fitted myself. Adjustment is good enough, though I had to make the straps smaller than expected in order to get rig to fit me. The modularity of this system is really great and you can change the setup very easily to make it your own.
  • 15 Days Ago
    Product of excellent quality! Suggest to buy :) The color is normal cartoons. The picture is very dark. There are two minuses. The side underbags do not accommodate two stores as this is made on the original product. The main case is not large enough to place 3 stores simultaneously. They get up very hard. Pleased the spandex pocket on the front of the empty bag.
  • 15 Days Ago
    Amazing chest rig! Light and well built
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