Black & Gray --CTSFO

Jun 1, 2020

Everyone should be able to find that there will always be some players who wear gray combat uniforms and black outfits when in Wargame. The one-color multicam and all-black (digging coal?) combination looks relatively low-key and special. 

The source of this gray law enforcement style comes from the British CTSFO((Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer)

Originated from the 2012 London Olympics, the Metropolitan Police Agency established the CTSFO qualification level in SCO19 in order to solve the Olympic security problem, and the first batch of CTSFOs were born.
Over time, CTSFO’s qualifications were allocated to other parts of the UK.

Our Bacraft TRN combat uniform is designed for cosplay CTSFO. There are some picture of pretty girls wearing the uniform.

 There is the link to buy Bacraft combat uniform(click the picture below to see whole uniform)

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