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200Pcs Worker Gen.3 Short Darts

200Pcs Worker Gen.3 Short Darts Item NO.: 2718134

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US$ 11.99

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Product Name 200Pcs Worker Gen.3 Short Darts
Item NO. 2718134
Weight 0.3 kg = 0.6614 lb = 10.5822 oz
Category Nerf Series > Soft Darts
Creation Time 2020-06-23

.The middle of the warhead is injection molded, the warhead is more evenly formed and the performance is more stable.
.The middle of the warhead is injection molded, the warhead is more evenly formed and the performance is more stable.
.Special glue, the foam dart body is more stable, more durable, no U-turn, bid farewell to a one-time bomb
.The bottom of the foam dart is designed in a large and small layer, which is more firmly bonded to the body, and has a certain gap, which allows the warhead and the body to produce a fixed wind effect, improving accuracy.
.The specific specifications of the short dart: overall length 38mm, warhead minister 6mm, body length 32mm, body width 13mm
.Note: 1. Scope of application: the use of short-elastic soft-elastic blaster; 2. It is forbidden to fire the blaster at the eyes of animals and humans.
.Color: Orange + Purple
.Material: TPR + EVA Sponge
.Product Weight: 200g
.Package Dimensions: 19.5 x 10.5 x 10.5cm
.Package Weight: 278.5g
.Packing: Box
Package Content:
.200 x Short Dart

15 Days Ago


I have had all three generations of the worker darts and these are by far the best out of the three. Based off of price and performance, these are also some of the best short darts one can buy on the market, and the convenience of buying on Amazon makes it even better . I would knock off half a star if I could because the heads do still get blown off, albeit not as easily as the older generations. Because the glue is stronger, when the head gets blown off it also takes out some of the foam body, making it more difficult to re-glue. Do note, however, that I am using a Longshot with a worker internal kit and a 20+ kg spring. If you don't have such a high powered blaster, you'd be able to make the darts last much longer. But if you need good short darts, don't hesitate to buy these!!

15 Days Ago


nice quality of the dart, recommend

15 Days Ago


Consistent velocities, very clean as far as cut and glue. Will buy again when in stock.

15 Days Ago


Great Glue. Function great through my rainbow pistol, Caliburn (with worker mags and adapter), and my brass breach Rival Knockout. Would buy again!

15 Days Ago


Solid, well-made darts that shoot hard and fast.

15 Days Ago


The short darts very nice, worker maybe upgrade it with more strong glue. And after testing, it can be used about 3-5 time by strong blaster.

15 Days Ago


They are the best gen of worker shorts I own

15 Days Ago


quality and very interesting

15 Days Ago


they work great and have fantastic head glue

15 Days Ago


Die besten Darts mit halber Länge bis heute. Funktioniert in Schwungrad und Federn. Werde auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen.
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